Our concept

Nodee Sky is more than a restaurant, a skybar, a night lounge or an event room. It is all of these fused together. It’s a place where likeminded meet – and leave with a story at the end of the night. Nodee Sky brings you a night full of exciting food concepts from our modern Japanese cuisine, cocktails, new friends, exhilaration and good music. Reach for Nodee Sky!

Nodee Sky occupy all three top floors of this Barcode building – and offers a unique experience.



Entering the sloping glass elevator at the ground floor, which will bring you to the top of the Barcode, you already get the feeling of something outstanding. You are on your way to Nodee Sky – elevating to something extraordinary and extravagant.


The breathtaking view of the sea and the Oslo skyline is one of a kind. Share it with our cheerful guests – or with someone you are especially appreciating the company of. Enjoy the panorama!


Visiting Nodee Sky is not only a matter of luxury wining and dining, refreshing cocktails and beautiful views. The whole atmosphere, the interior and the details might be a revelation to our guests – a new dimension of excitement and satisfaction.


Entering Nodee Sky you are walking on specially designed oak floors – on a hexagonal parquet. The bar is made of alabaster, and is lighted in a way that  makes you feel the bar itself is surrounded by a soft glow.
The lighting at Nodee Sky, is a mixture of handmade brass lamps from Norway and Portugal, contrasted by English lamps designed by Tom Dixon. We promise you – they are all works of art.
The English tapestry with a discreet, golden pattern is mixed with two walls decorated with belts (yes, you read correctly!), which is (as far as we know) the only of it`s kind in the whole world.
The stairs between the 13th and 14th floor are quite exceptional. They are specially designed by metal smiths, and the steps are covered with cowhide.
In our specially designed toilets, you will get an extreme Oslo overview through walls of glass – feeling that you have the Railway Station almost right under your feet.